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Graduate from UWSP with a BFA in Graphic Design. Avid fursuit creator and 3D artist.

I discovered animal costumes sometime in highschool, specifically by the maker BeastCub. For a long time, I followed her website, waiting and oogling over every new upload. I decided senior year it was something I needed to learn.


I started with foam heads, creating two horrible and unusable bases. I then progressed to making a moving jaw head - created with heavy crochet mesh. It turned out pretty alright for my first attempt, but it was clear I had a long way to go. My first real success was made on a canine resin base from Dream Vision Creations (the first generation canine she offered). From then on, I kept learning and trying new things until I developed my own unique style. 

Kahla is the first full fursuit I created, and she's grown with me a lot over the years. Although, she has now switched to being a secondary character (fursona) if you will, as I've created a more accurate representation of myself.

Vashik is my newest personal costume and fursona.

This character is a he/him and I hope to have a fullsuit in the coming years.

This head was made off of my first canine sculpt.

Character Art


A few pieces of my art throughout the years, apparently I really like shades of blue.. This is usually how I'll start a new fursuit design.


To view the full pieces click to check out my deviant art!

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