Currently Closed for commission

General Commission Pricing

Tails: $70+

Anthro Hand paws: $200 with claws and silicone paw pads.

Toony/puffy paws: $250-300 with minky claws and paw pads 

Arm sleeves: $70 for elbow length $100 for shoulder length

Feet paws: $300 with claws and outdoor bottoms. $350 for indoor with minky pads. 

Semi-realistic Resin Head: $1100 base price (Moving jaw, following eyes, jaw set/ silicone nose.) Price will increase by increments of $30 if you have more than two colors and I don't have the additional colors on hand.


Foam Toony Head: $1500 base price. 

Legs only: $400 plantigrade, $700 digitigrade, depending on markings etc, price will vary.

Body with plantigrade legs (no padding): $900+

Body with digitigrade (leg padding): $1300+

Must have a DTD (duct tape dummy), Please use full body painting coveralls and leave the zipper untaped! Please take your time making the dummy, make sure you don't leave the duct tape thin or leave any holes. The duct tape dummy is the most important part to getting a perfect fit, do not cut corners!  

See DTD tutorial here: 

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